Walking for a better world!

Rules and Conditions


Article 1

The 100 km Dodentocht is organised by the vzw 100 km Dodentocht-Kadee.

Article 2

Dodentocht is a walking event and not a contest. Participation is voluntary and at your own risk.

Article 3

By registering participants agree to and accept the rules and regulations as laid out by the vzw 100 km Dodentocht Kadee. Registration is strictly personal and non-transferable.

Article 4

During the event the participants are prohibited  in any way

-      from expressing political or religious affiliation

-      from carrying advertising objects, unless with the permission of the Board

-      from carrying weapons, of any kind, concealed or otherwise

-      from carrying or walking with pets or animals, in order to protect both the animals and the other participants

-      from using any kind transport

-      from using prams or other objects with 1 or more wheels, from carrying loud radios or other sound carriers

-      from carrying objects which may endanger the other participants, including walking sticks (as nordic walking)

-      from using hand bikes or other wheelchairs with chains (only ordinary wheelchairs are allowed for disabled participants).

Article 5

Participants, volunteers and the public must not, in any way, express a political or religious preference during the event.

Article 6

The signposted hiking trail must be followed at all times.

Article 7

Participant attire must be socially acceptable and decent.

Article 8

Directions of the Organization, police and other volunteers must be followed and respected at all times. The highway code shall remain in effect on the open road.

Article 9

Violations of these rules can lead to immediate exclusion from the event as well as future events. Violators, who are excluded will not receive any compensation or refund.

Article 10

Any paid registration fee is acquired by the organizer at any time.

Article 11

By registering for 100 km Dodentocht the participant declares to be declared healthy by a physician for walking such a distance and participation in such exertion. In case of problems the participant must be able to submit such medical statement.

Article 12

With the registration the participant agrees to the possible use by vzw 100 km Dodentocht Kadee of his/her personal details and/or of his/her portrait in print, on film, video, picture, and the like, for promotional or information purposes of the 100 km Dodentocht, without the possibility to claim compensation.

Article 13

The vzw 100 KM Dodentocht Kadee is in no way responsible or (financially) liable for accidents and/or illness of participants, for loss of possessions, or any other claims suffered by the participant.

Article 14

The organiser reserves the right to change the route, starting and arrival times or places, or to cancel the march in whole or in part on the basis of extreme weather conditions or other circumstances determined by the Organizer, whether or not in consultation with Government or police. Also in such an event there is no entitlement to a refund of the registration fee nor to reimbursement of any damage.

Article 15

For medical reasons, participation is only allowed as of the age of 16 (participant should be or turn 16 in the year of participation).

Article 16

By participating in Dodentocht the participant is aware of the required and necessary effort and acknowledges that he/she is in such a medical condition that will allow him/her to walk the full 100 km within the by the organisation set deadlines.

Article 17

By registering for 100 km Dodentocht, participants agree to and accept the rules and regulations as laid out in this document. 

Article 18

In all cases not covered by these regulations, decisions are made by the Board of the Association vzw 100 km Dodentocht. In the event of any dispute concerning the interpretation of regulations only the Dutch text is binding. Lawsuits will continue to be handled by the courts and tribunals competent for the judicial district of Antwerp, department Mechelen.

Article 19

Participating in 100 km Dodentocht without valid registration is dangerous, strictly forbidden and also absolutely not recommended because in case of non-registration you are not entitled to any of the offered services: no insurance, no medical care by the Red Cross, no supplies, no access to the check points, no luggage service or use of the broom wagons. In case of violation you will be excluded from participation in any future Dodentocht or any other activities organised by vzw Dodentocht – Kadee.

Article 20

All our collaborators are volunteers who give the best of themselves to organise 100 Km Dodentocht and let the participant enjoy a wonderful experience. That calls for respect and sympathy. If certain participants can or will not show that kind of respect, they will no longer be welcome to our organisation and they will be excluded from any future participation.

Practical Info 

Registration :

-      Pre-registration: the registration fee is 50€ . Registration is done online on our websiteHenceforth only pre-registration is possible from March 28 through July 15th.   

-      After July 15th no registrations will be accepted, not even on the day of the event! 

- The chip and further info can be collected on the collection days (see below) or on the day of the event between 13:00 and 20:30. Do not wait until the last minute: Dodentocht starts at 21:00 sharp !

-      In case you are registering someone else, make sure to mention if that person is a member of a hiking club.

-      There are usually traffic jams on the main access roads between 6 and 8 p.m. To avoid traffic jams, we recommend that you use public transportation (the train station is only 200 m away from the centre of Bornem).

-      You can park on one of the car parks along the N16: buses will take you to the city centre. This bus service is free of charge for participants, non-participants will pay a small fee.

-      Group registrations: use the special group form. It is available upon request or can be downloaded from our website via this link. Group registrations are only accepted with a group form and a minimum of 10 people. Groepsinschrijvingen worden enkel aanvaard met groepsformulier van min. 10 personen.  

-      After having registered (and paid online) you will receive an email confirming your registration, your start number, practical information about picking up your chip, etc. The complete walkers’ booklet will be made available online on our website, so you can print it yourself, if needed.

-      The plan of the walking trail will be available on our website beginning July: you can download it and print it if you wish.

-      The participant T-shirt can only be ordered at registration.

-      The envelope with the chip is the only proof of payment for the participant T-shirt. You will need to show this envelope when you come and collect your T-shirt. You can collect it on one the collection days (see below). During the event you can only collect your T-shirt on Friday August 9 th between 13:00 and 20:30 in the big tent on the market square.

-      Should you be unable to participate in Dodentocht, but still want to get the participant T-shirt that you ordered at registration, then you can only collect it during our collection days (see below) or on the day of the event. T-shirts will NOT be sent by post.

-      For changes of registrations (forgot to order T-shirt at registration and/or meal,  ...) an administrative fee of € 5 will be applicable. Please contact the cell Intern at intern@dodentocht.be.


Collection days, start and arrival

-      The chips (RFID) can be collected on one of the collection days organised before the Dodentocht. Registering on these days will not be possible anymore !

-      Address and dates collection days

            - Location : Sporthal OLVP, Temsesteenweg 10, 2880 Bornem, Belgium

            -  Dates :

  • Saturday July 27th between 13:00 and 17:00
  • Saturday August 3th between 13:00 and 17:00
  • Wednesday August 7th between 15:00 and 19:00

-      You can also collect your chip on the day of the event in the tent on the market square in the centre of Bornem (Kardinaal Cardijnplein) between 13:00 and 20:30, however registration will not be possible !

-      Start of the 51th 100 Km Dodentocht : Friday August 14th 2020 at 21:00.

-      Because the start can take up to half an hour, walkers are allowed to arrive until 9:30 pm. This half hour is also taken into account at all checkpoints.

-      The hiking time starts on the moment that the participant crosses the start line (scanning). This is compulsory: otherwise you will not be registered officially as participant !

-      The event ends on Saturday August 14th 2020 between 07:00 and 21:30.

-      Tracking: the tracking page will only be activated at the start of the event, from the first scanning!


During the march and at the arrival

-      Every checkpoint has its own opening and closing times, which shall be respected by all participants.

-      Departure before 21:00 is strictly forbidden. The event starts at 21:00 and checkpoint opening and closing times will be enforced strictly. Maximum duration of the event is 24 hours. Anyone who does not get scanned at the start or who cheats will be deleted from the participants’ list and will not receive any reward whatsoever !!!

-      Service package: supplies, Red Cross care, civil liability insurance (Wandelsport Vlaanderen), transport of luggage to the halfway checkpoint, transport back to Bornem if you give up at one of the checkpoints, options for an overnight stay (dormitory, camp site, at additional cost) and a hot meal at the halfway point.

-      It is not allowed to give up at one of the emergency spots. These are solely for real emergencies !

-      Luggage: option for transport to the halfway checkpoint and then back to Bornem. One piece of luggage, maximum weight 15 kg, with a label stating the name, address and telephone number of the participant. The luggage can be reclaimed on arrival by a person who can provide the walker’s badge plus suitable personal identification in case the participant cannot make it there him-/herself. Do not put medicines, fragile or valuable items, nor liquids or drinks in your luggage ! Make sure to carry your own specific medicines with you.

- The organisation is not liable for any loss, theft or damage of the luggage and/or its content.

-      Everyone who completes the event successfully will receive a medal, a diploma showing the intermediate times, and our congratulations !


Accidents and insurances during the event

-      In the event of an accident, contact the organisers or medical services, ask for an accident report form to fill it in.  Make sure that your name, full address and a description of the accident are complete.

-      All participants are insured for civil liability and physical accidents in conformity with the decree related to non-professional sportsmen. Ambulance transport is always at the participant’s expense.

-      Only accidents can be insured, no diseases or any other inconveniences as a consequence of the walking event.


Remarks and complaints

-      Questions, suggestions, complaints and comments will be handled in writing only, via Puursesteenweg 373 , 2880 Bornem, Belgium or by email to rvb@dodentocht.be.

-      Lawsuits will be handled by the Court in Mechelen.



-      We use a disposable chip for registration at the checkpoints.

-      We would like to emphasize that walkers with luggage must scan out if they want quick processing of the return of their luggage.

-      Walkers who are unable to complete the walk and want to be transported back to Bornem must also scan out. They will receive a return ticket that can be used to board the broom wagon.

-      The necessary recognition points for broom wagons will be signposted at all checkpoints.

-      Walkers can keep their chips at all times.

-      Be on time to avoid traffic jams and to be able to start on time.

-      Accessibility by train: the NMBS will increase capacity on its trains, from Sint-Niklaas and Mechelen there are trains that stop in Bornem every hour. Bornem train station is only 200m from the market square (registration point). Check the timetables on www.nmbs.be.  

-      Internet: registration is only possible online via our website www.dodentocht.be. Our offices can be reached by phone from July 1st until the day of the event, every evening between 7:00 pm and 10:00 pm at +32 (0)3 889 35 45 or by email: intern@dodentocht.be.

See you in August, have fun and good luck !